Dragnet Test Prep

Dragnet is a recruitment body and they conduct pre-employment aptitude tests for several companies.

As a graduate job seeker, you would likely have to face a dragnet test during your job search. It is a good idea to start practicing early for this test.

Their tests are computer-based tests. Its questions are usually GSE questions and it usually comprises three sections: Numerical reasoning, Verbal reasoning and Abstract reasoning. As with most aptitude tests, speed and accuracy are crucial and you can master it by practicing with the right material. It has detailed solutions.

Dont wait until you are invited for a Dragnet test to start preparation. Most candidates who fail the test did not do enough practice.

This is for you to get an insight of how Dragnet sets their questions and also for you to test your speed and prepare well for your next dragnet test.

Knowing what to expect and practising over and over would help you develop an effective test strategy; improve your speed, accuracy and confidence.

Passing Dragnet GSE Test is simply by practicing their Test questions and getting accustomed to the test format.

Remember, Over 95% of the candidates who fail dragnet’s tests did not do enough practice - Don't be one
of them!

Practice with our set of test which include actual recent dragnet test .